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04.02.2017 Update. I’ve grown older and hopefully wiser, even though I am not sure about that. Many things have changed. I have moved on from Microsoft technologies to Open Source technologies. Why? Cognitive dissonance. It didn’t feel right, it felt fake and too much manipulation and lying going on. It’s not about technologies, it’s about control and capturing, locking in the developer into a closed source frame of mind. Times have changed, there is evolution. In history evolution from the ape to the human being, same process. Today I enjoy the technologies that are offered in the Open Source Space and appreciate the quality , honesty and open mind set encountered. My operating system today are all Linux based, on the Linux 4.4 Kernel. On my development machine I am running Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS and on top of that Zorin OS 12 ultimate, fast, elegant and equivalent to windows 10. It is for free in the core version and the ultimate version costs 19€. The security features provided and the autonomy are not to be compared with windows machines where you are not in control, spied on and so on. I have observed many strange things but I’ll let you yourself become aware of what is going on and then make an intelligent decision. The trash talk from Microsoft concerning Open Source Technologies turned me off and even today I catch myself having preconceived notions towards Open Source Technologies and asking myself, why? What is wrong with Open Source? Why is Linux bad? Why is Java evil? And so on … That is a process you will have to figure out on your own. Now if you have a vested interest, are a microsoft employee or a shareholder, I can understand that trash talking the competition is in your interest. Steal, sell and or sabotage. as you did with Linux. Ethically this is not correct behavior. The question to be asked though is what kind of counter reaction this behavior will provoke? Anyway, I also have an Acer Chromebook 11 that also runs on the Linux Kernel 4.4 and uses the Open Source Chromium Operating system, with V8 and all that goodness. Google is strong in the Open Source World and has many projects on Github and are pushing innovation and new technologies forwards, awesome. In my analysis they will prevail and enhance the future technological developments for the benefit of mankind and replace or destroy Microsoft in a fair fashion. Knockout face to face based on the quality of the technology. The ethical standards of Google are immaculate. They are an honest engineering company. The question to be asked is a human question. Give a man, a country a company too much power, they go nuts and want to conquer, dominate and control all. History has shown some prime examples of this. It’s in the human nature to always want more and more and so on. The closed source ideology will fall into oblivion and play no more role in the future. Today everything runs on Linux Kernel 4.4: clouds, servers, desktops, smart devices and so on. There is still though a lack of Linux distributions in the desktop market. Go to any supermarket and see that 98% of the laptops, desktops have a windows operating system. This must be changed and I wonder why this is the current state of affairs. Because technologically Linux distributions are far more powerful and technologically advanced then windows. Is it due to harassment of the OEM’s? Cartel like structures? Monopoly? Cheaper? Consumer Demand? This is a puzzle to me but I have great hope that Android and other Linux distributions will finally take over the desktop market and when I go to a supermarket and look at the computers, what is inside, I see that they are all Linux computers. That will be a great day in progress of humanity. I will do my best and put in all my effort to contribute to this process. That is contributing to open source projects on GitHub. Writing new Open Source Web Applications, I am on Single Page Applications today and spreading the news of what goodness we have in open Source technologies, especially the great Linux OS Distributions that are available. My Chromebook is awesome and it is possible to install a Linux operating system in developer mode to be able to download software, use the file system and develop new software on the Chromebook. It is cheap, that term disturbs me, the price is cheap compared to a PC, and it provides better functionality. It is for developing in the cloud. Cloud development on Open Stack or Google Cloud or Firebase and other Clouds. Beware of the Microsoft Azure Cloud, they intend to pursue their Closed Source game in that offering. So I would abstain from that. I have actually reached the point where I don’t wish to pollute my computers with microsoft software anymore. It disgusts me, the ideology behind that. Greed, manipulation, fear and predator behavior. They have joined the Linux Foundation and have repositories on GitHub. I hope the self proclaimed wizards in Redmond are a bit humbled by the evolution of humanity and aware of where everything is heading. Or as the dream of Linus Torvalds in his book: Just For fun, that best encapsulates the spirit of knowledge development and progressive, evolved human nature: “the weed will grow over the huts in redmond. Just for Fun.” That is in the process of happening and it fills me with great joy. There is still much to do for the system under investigation mutates, but it is inevitable. What can we learn from this? Give a human money and he will do whatever he is told. Regardless of the level of education. There are people with phd’s who talk trash because they get paid to do it. A good example of the greed culture. With greed comes fear, a lot of fear. The third device I have is a smart phone with the Android Operating System 5.1.1 Linux Kernel 3.10.65+. So today I am a FrontEnd Developer focused on JavaScript and Single Page Applications using the Cloud as a BackEnd. This is the future of Web Development. JavaScript and C++ will prevail. C++ for BackEnd Development. What to say about me in the past, many moons ago? I fell into the Microsoft trap. Thinking that modern Nazism was a cool thing.


I'm Nils-Holger Nägele (@nilsnagele) passioned by C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC and JQuery. Some web apps I've recently built are Run on Code in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Marathon Training in ASP.NET MVC 4, C#, EF, Google Maps. Running Shop in ASP.NET MVC 3, C#, EF. Photo Catalog in ASP.NET MVC 3, C#, EF Code First and Jquery. My Blog in ASP.NET MVC 3, Ajax, C#, EF. The Lounge a CMS featuring Articles, Forums, Newsletters, Polls, Shop in ASP.NET MVC 3, C#, LINQ and EF. Image Quote Visuals in MVC 3, EF Code First and JQuery. Race Locator using Bing Maps, ASP.NET MVC 3, C#, Code First and Google Maps Geo Location Run Tracker. Run On Code The New an HTML5, CSS3 demo application. Web App Showcase Showcase in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Technology Review built with .NET 4.5, MVC 4, AJAX, EF Migrations, JQuery, HTML5 & CSS3. Marathon Man Responsive Web Design built with HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. An Image filter web application Image Effectizer using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. An MVC4, Web API, Bootstrap, AngularJS, EF Message Board Messenger . HTML5, MVC 4, Web API Dream Race Viewer Dream Viewer . Bootstrap, Javascript Responsive Design SPA Running Code . Bootstrap, HTML5 Javascript tutorial site Code Edge. Single Page Application using Durandal, Knockout Marathon Dream. An AngularJS Single Page Application MRegister. Visual Studio Productivity Tips since 2009, featuring a Tip a day on how to improve your productivity in Visual Studio.

A passionate software developer and marathon runner. I was born in the Philippines, I grew up in the US, spent several years in Latin America and Africa. I currently reside in Germany. I'm German. I studied Computer Science and MBA in France. I started up several training companies and I discovered my love for programming in 1984 on my Apple 2e. My first language was BASIC and I spent alot of time programming games with If Then, Goto. I'm an MCP since 2002 and currently preparing MCPD Web Development .NET 4. I'm a 3:01:50 personal best marathon runner 2012. I improved by over 30 minutes in 6 months and I plan on trying to improve my time by another 12 minutes 2014/2015, if I don't get injured again. I'm working on a multitude of personal development projects and one of them is a content management system with MVC. I started playing with MVC in 2009 and really enjoy the development experience. Clean code development using the SOLID principles and best practices. TDD is the way to go to develop quality software. I adhere to the agile software developemt manifesto and the software craftsmanship manifesto. I enjoy reading technical books and blogs and increasing my technical expertise and knowledge base. Enjoy this site and get more productive in Visual Studio. Enjoy.
By the way the rotating circles on the bottom right are an example of CSS3 Box Shadows duplication. Functions in IE10 and above, Webkit and Mozilla browsers.

Happy, Productive Coding Folks! The only way is forwards. Evolution and change are the only constants. We make mistakes and learn, then move on to discover new horizons. We are fearless, ruthless and honest. The goal is progress. We are Open Source. We want to make a better world for all and for future generations, so that they may enjoy more comfort thanks to automation of all processes. I would like to experience the world in 100 years time. Imagine it and build it today, is an interesting thought to ponder. What will the world be like in 100 years? Evolution of technology? Evolution of the human mind?